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Students can meke their tuition payment in different Moadality from the list of available Payment Mechanisms arrangd by the college such as semester, monthly, instament and full Payment.


The general objective of MIS postgraduate program is to train competent students who are well versed in knowledge, theodogies, in de-signing, implementing deploying, managing and using information Technology in the reganizations which will be of-fered on the regular, extension and week end program.


Graduates of the program are expected to fall into one of the following professional paths. .information systems consultant/analyst with large consulting firm; .systems analyst within a tradition infor-mation systems department or a systems an-alyst within a functional organizations; .Human resources finance or operations; Graduates of this program can anticipate the following types of careers.: .Management of information system development projects. .business and systems consultant for projects that include a substantial dependence on IT; . Research and development of information technologies and related products apd ser-vices; . designer in stert-up internt companies; .insructor in college/university teaching in formation system related couses;


The MSC program is generally de signed for different groups of students. One group includes those who major on management information system in theirs under-graduate studies. This Group is believed to have a directly related education back- ground to the program. The other group of students may have vari-ous enucationals backgrounds such as com-puter Science; Information system s;Informa-tion Technology; Business administration and /or Management. or other fields in their undergraduates. All applicants in order to fulfil the admission requirement should have a Minimum CGPA of 200 in their undergrad uate studies and a pass result for the en-trance examination of the post graduate studies students and can make a total of 30% course exemption or transfer from a similar level of educational study.


Code course Name Cr Hrs MMIS 511 production & operations Management 3 MMIS 513 object oriented system Analysis & Design 3 MMIS 521 Advanced programming 3 MMIS 515 Information Managament 3 MMIS 512 Advanced programming 3 MMIS 514 information systemsecurity MMS 522 business internship 2 MMS 611 research methods 2 MMS 613 supply chain supply chain management 2 MMIS 621 Decision support system 3 MMIS 615 strategic management 3 MMIS 631 ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) 3 MMIS 641 Graduate Research 3


Courses that be delivered at the graduate program will be thourht by instructors who have a rich experience of teaching at similar level. To mention some of the instructors who will deliver the course inclide: Name Academic Specialization Tesfaye Debela phD MIS Tedess negash phD management Dida medeksa phD computer science Abeba Ejien phD MIS Fisha Girmay phD Acc& finance Yasin lbrahim phD management


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About MicroLink

Microlink information technology college makelle was established in 1996 to contribute its part in narrowing the gap of trained man power in the areas on information technology and management and skilled man power that the country is looking for . the college and , in its establishment ,started its function by designing information technology and management curriculums in diploma program .letter in 1998 .firs degree program in formation technology and management field were commenced .in both the diploma and degree program , the college has eleven different programs ,up to now, the college has graduated eight diploma batches and five first degree batch in information technology and management programs.